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Gracing this world in 1979, Shawn Stone was born to entertain.  Growing up in a small town, Shawn had big world dreams. He left his hometown after high school to pursue a career in the United States Air Force, but he knew he was meant to do more.

Shawn had always had an interest in music from an early age, however his first passion, at age 5, was playing drums.  While in the military, Shawn found the love for writing his own songs.  After serving honorably for 10 years in the military, he came home and continued to follow his dreams as a singer-songwriter. He has played many shows from benefit concerts for Multiple Sclerosis and Operation Troop Aid to playing Veteran's Day Ceremonies.

Shawn Stone is a musician unlike any other you have heard. From the first strum of the guitar when you hear one of Shawn Stone's songs, the feelings behind the words resonate through your soul. His words speak to the heart because they are written from the heart. When he writes his songs, they are from experiences that he has had and that people can relate to. If one of his songs can touch someone's life, then he has accomplished what he was meant to do.


Special thanks to my music producer, MiAh Lajeunesse at the Sound Lair, and Alex Ryan at The Sound Asylum. I also want to give a huge thank you to Eric Lovell (drums),Chris Dalton (drums) Chad Blagg (bass guitar), and Butch Kelley (lead guitar) for their amazing musical talent in helping me put the music to these songs. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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